Thursday, 16 October 2014

Religion might drive our Economy into Turmoil.

Do we really have to keep on stuffing our religions into other people’s lives? Why do the ‘overly religious’ people tend to think that it is their sole responsibility to tell us about Heaven and Hell? Why do they even bother with me when all that my face shows is a hangover and sins from nights past? I know God saves all but do I need to be reminded about this particular bit every time I turn a corner on Kampala’s streets?

Recently, Nankulu (Jennifer Musisi, the Executive Director of Kampala City Council) vowed to get rid of them but it is taking longer than I had hoped. These people will make noise and turn a humble believer into an atheist. They have no code of message delivery. All they do is get onto the streets and shout verses that I frankly don’t care about.
But as many say; Museveni yaletta e’dembe. Meaning; Museveni brought freedom. I hate this saying whenever one tries to use it to justify their stupidity and poor upbringing. If he brought freedom, why doesn't FDC and the rest rally peacefully? If it is freedom that he brought, how come his reign in power is longer than most youths’ life span in the country? Freedom you say, why do we have no presidential term limits? DO NOT even get me started with the National Breakfast Prayer.
It has reached an extent where kids are now starting to preach on these streets. I once saw a kid of barely 10yrs screaming the gospel on top of his voice. It took me by surprise, but if you have been to Kampala quite often, there should be no more surprising scenarios apart from newly fixed roads. Here was a kid who in my own view, should have been in school and instead was preaching on the roadside. How do we intend to have a brighter and developed future generation if we as parents are letting our children opt for such rather than getting an education?
This is the kind of ranting that will end up causing more arguments than concessions but I am ready to argue it to the end. My point being; I support Madam Nankulu on her drive to get rid of these street preachers and I hope it is successful. If we are to fight unemployment, let us start with vetoing them from our streets. Rather than them waking up to tell us about the gospel, let them wake up and find a job, pay taxes and maybe our economy will draw a smile on our faces at the next national budget reading.
Alternatively, if they can’t be taken off our streets, I propose that they be allowed on the streets only on Sundays. Seeing that there are less people on the streets on such days, we can have less to accommodate.
These are my random rumblings that I am sure you won’t agree with. But if you disagree, then you definitely can accommodate a crying baby for a period of more than 3 minutes. How I HATE that!!! 

PS: I have no idea whose photo that is. Blame Google Images. 

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